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SCOTUS recently vacated former Virginia Governor’s conviction for corruption.  

Does this mean domestic corruption is a thing of the past – are corporations free to wine and dine government officials now?  

Can you hire the federal government employee who just awarded you a contract?  

Probably not but find out the details July 20th at 3:00 PM ET at the Clear Law Institute Avoiding Domestic Corruption Problems CLE which will answer these questions along with covering key U.S. federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding:

  • Bribery
  • Gifts, meals, and entertainment
  • Lobbying
  • Campaign finance
  • Conflicts of interest and procurement

And which will discuss:

  • Practical steps to comply with those laws and regulations
  • How to develop training, policies and procedures
  • Managing these risks through contract terms and conditions
  • Identifying contract terms and conditions that may be overbroad or ineffective in mitigating corruption risks


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