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Legal and Political Risks When Working Internationally Businesses want to access and participate in the global market. But, when doing business with foreign governments in countries without a stable rule of law requires lawyers and their clients to manage the political and legal risks when working internationally. Margaret Cassidy and Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam and Partners had…

The Alternative to Bail Committee will work to develop non-partisan, thoughtful legislation for states on matters of pre-trial detention. Margaret looks forward to contributing to this worthy endeavor and to the opportunity to deploy her passion for justice and fairness. The Uniform Law Commission (ULC) has worked for the uniformity of state laws since 1892….

Margaret Cassidy was happy to team up once again with JSchaus & Associates to present on a webinar on identifying and managing procurement risks for the Federal Government Contractor. To listen to the presentation:

Agency inspector general offices investigate complaints from persons in the federal government ecosystem who complain about waste, fraud, abuse of authority; violations of law, regulations or policies; or danger to public health or safety; and, suffer some type of adverse employment action for doing so.   Since the enormous Department of Defense (DoD) gets so…

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