Cassidy Law provides legal services to clients as they interact with governments whether because they are facing criminal charges or are developing business with governments and providing goods and services to governments.  Cassidy Law strives to ensure that its clients have peace of mind and confidence regarding the outcome of their legal issues.



If you are under investigation; charged with a crime; a witness to possible illegal actions; subpoenaed to testify; required to produce documents for the government; or receive a letter from the government saying you are under investigation, Cassidy Law can assist you.

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If your business is under investigation; charged with a crime; has been subpoenaed to produce documents; or your employees have been subpoenaed, Cassidy Law can assist you.

Cassidy Law can also provide guidance on compliantly working with governments to include working with your business to establish or improve an ethics and compliance program so your business may proactively manage the risk of violating laws or making unethical decisions.

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Practice Areas Include:

Interacting with Government Officials and Employees

  • Lobbying
  • Political Activity
  • Gifts


  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Federal, state and local anti-corruption laws

Federal Government Contracting

  • False Claims Act
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Procurement Integrity

Ethics & Compliance

  • Establishing ethics and compliance programs

Internal Investigations

Criminal Defense

  • When arrested
  • Under Investigation
  • Subpoenaed
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