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Get an overview of the problem 

One of the most difficult challenges for commercial and business clients is to detect, prevent, and mitigate internal wrongdoing by employees. This program planned by a former high ranking agent of the Philadelphia Office of the FBI and an expert in white collar crime will help you counsel your clients on how to prevent, prepare for and respond to internal wrongdoing. 


Receive guidance on crisis management 

  • Who are the first responders and what do they do?
  • What do you do in the first two hours 


Learn how to conduct effective internal investigations in small and medium size businesses 

  • Understand the importance of data preservation 
  • Seeking local counsel 
  • Interviewing and report writing 
  • Preserving attorney client privilege 
  • Interaction between counsel and forensic accountants 
  • Dealing with the press


Recognize the cyber-security issues 


Discuss prevention through internal controls and culture 

  • Setting good policy 
  • Mapping out what to do in the event of trouble- before it occurs 
  • Learn to recognize red flags


Recognize ethical issues 

  • Know when and whether the wrongdoing has to be disclosed to regulatory authorities 
  • Know how to protect attorney client privilege


Participate in interactive panels and discussions with experts in the field 

Ethics information has been integrated throughout this program. To receive ethics credit, you must attend the entire course.

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